A touching thank you from Robby Offner


Robby helping unload supplies at the monastery

Robby Offner, a student at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, volunteered at the Foundation’s emergency office after the earthquake. Until he had to return to USA several days ago, he worked from dawn to dusk collecting reports and writing updates for this website. After landing in USA, he sent us the following letter of thanks for Phakchok Rinpoche:

I didn’t get a chance to thank Rinpoche properly but I want him, and everyone involved with the relief efforts, to know that this type of activity is the most powerful form of real compassion I’ve ever had the chance to witness. It’s action completely beyond Buddhism or anything we’d like to label as religion. It’s human kindness in the truest form. Unfortunately the suddenness of this disaster left most people in a state of complete confusion and disarray, needing to figure out how to help themselves before thinking of helping others for the first several days. The immediacy of Rinpoche’s plan to deliver aid to the hard hit areas directly after the earthquake shows spontaneously arising compassion is real and necessary for humans to benefit each other when it really matters. His farsighted vision to see beyond the immediate chaos around the monastery and into the areas that would otherwise be left without aid provided a center of support for the entire community. It fostered the compassion and bravery of others to manifest in a way that saved lives when immediacy was the only way of helping in those first crucial days after the disaster. I witnessed a monastery turn into a military armed with rice, daal, medical supplies, and tents. It was seemingly effortless organization through recognition of strengths and the ability to assign roles. Everybody seemed to fit perfectly into their own role on the ground, making trips into the mountains, at the monastery preparing for the next team, or raising funds to keep the relief efforts possible. None of this would have been possible without the direction of a powerful leader whose vision is beyond a scale the others can fathom but always trustworthy at the same time. Thank you Rinpoche for all that you’ve done and thank you to all those contributing to such a valiant effort.

Robby Offner

Written by CGLF

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