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Gyatso Rinpoche and Minling Penam Rinpoche in Menje, Thalo, and Qhuel in Yolmo

Yesterday, Gyatso Rinpoche, Minling Penam Rinpoche and several of their monks travelled to Menje, Thalo, and Qheul villages in Yolmo, Sindhupalchowk to distribute tents and food. Both Menje and Thalo are traditional Buddhist villages, whereas Qhuel is a Hindu village. Having set off from our HQ at Ka-nying Shedrub Ling in the morning, they returned… Read more »

Record of supplies sent out

Yesterday, our tireless teams sent supplies out to the following areas: Thalo in Yolmo, Helambu (28 tarps and 28 food packs which include rice, salt, daal, noodles, beaten rice, and oil) Kabilash in Nuwakot (15 small tarps, 2 sacks of rice, and 4 boxes of noodles) Galsa in Sindhupalchowk (9 tarps) Dalit in Chitir, Sindhupalchowk… Read more »

Compassionate Donations Received From Thailand

Yesterday afternoon, 3 May we received two extremely generous donations from friends in Thailand. Our medical team from Singapore and Thailand, who arrived in the afternoon, delivered the donations. Rangjung Yeshe Thailand, Vajrayana School donated 612,000 Baht and Luangpor Sa-Ngob kindly donated 500,000 Baht via the Do D Foundation. In total these donations are equivalent to US $34,750. With… Read more »

A Personal Account from Neding, Yolmo (Helambu): Paul Keller

When the earthquake struck last Saturday, Paul Keller jumped from this window. Paul is a friend of the monastery who was residing in a small, wooden retreat cabin at Chatral Rinpoche’s retreat center in Upper Yolmo in Neding, near Tarke Gyang. He was the only retreatant at the center, thus the only one staying inside… Read more »

Aid Headed for the Famous Rasuwa District

Chris Limburg and Sara Bolasevich from the Helambu Project have teamed up with the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation to provide aid to the Rasuwa district, a region which is famous for the Langtang, Gosaikund, and Tamang Heritage trekking routes. The area, which was already quite remote before the earthquake, has now become extremely difficult to reach,… Read more »

Testimonials from Sindhupalchok Receive Immediate Response

This morning, May 3rd, the organization received two visitors. Both Anil Tamang from Ramichav, Sindhupalchok, and Ram Bisukarma from Dalit, Sindhupalchok explained in separate video testimonials what their village was lacking. Responding immediately, CGLF has sent trucks this morning with tarps for both areas. Their testimonials can be viewed below and more information will follow… Read more »

Volunteer Efforts Make International News

Word of Chokgyur Lingpa Foundations’s (CGLF) relief work in Nepal has made international news. Lana O’Flaherty, a recent addition to the team of volunteers working for the Foundation in Kathmandu, has featured in The Sunday Times, a British newspaper with an international readership. Scooted off the front page only by Kate Middleton’s delivery of a baby… Read more »