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Interpreters Joining Forces

Tsering Sherpa lives with his wife in Kopan, near Boudhanath in Kathmandu. He joined the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation’s project ‘Vajra Varahi Healthcare’ five years ago as a medical interpreter. After intensive professional training and experience Tsering has been sharing his skills with other NGOs in Nepal. Last week Tsering recruited nine others and has been… Read more »

Reporting back from Sundakan, Sindhupalchowk

Yesterday Lamas Lungtok Sangpo, Busulu, Tubten Dorje, and Tashi travelled to Sundakan in Sindhupalchowk district to distribute rice, daal, salt, tarps, rope, and medicine. They could not reach Sundakan by road so drove the jeep as far as they could and then called the villagers to walk down to collect the supplies. It was a… Read more »

Reports from Delivery to Sindhupalchowk

Late last night at 11 pm, a team of monks returned from several villages in the Sindhupalchowk district. Among them, Kunsang Rangdrol sat with us this morning to report details of the journey.The team traveled by truck on 2nd May to the villages of Kaser, Thalo, Chatang, and Gyanphedi to deliver a load of food,… Read more »

Aid to Bokchen, Sindhupalchowk

Yesterday the Foundation gave tarps, food supplies, and clothes to Lama Drubi Sangpo of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche’s monastery to distribute in Bokchen.

Reporting back from Selgaon, Dhulikel, Bagaicha and other areas, Kavre

Yesterday yet another team of our monks and nuns travelled to areas in Kavre with a fully-loaded truck of supplies. There they distributed rice, daal, and tarps for make-shift shelters. The truck could not reach the villages directly so villagers walked down to the road to meet them and receive the supplies. Fortunately no one… Read more »

At the end of the day, offering candles at the stupa

Yesterday evening, after a full and hectic day of sending aid to many villages, our team headed down to the Boudhanath stupa to light candles and make prayers for those suffering from last week’s devastating earthquake. It has now been just over one week since the tragedy and the candlelit kora was an opportunity for all… Read more »

Relief Sent To Thalo In Response To Request Made This Morning

This morning the organization received a request from two men returning from Sindhupalchowk. Jeevan Lama and Phurpa Yolmo came by jeep on the newly opened road from their small village of Thalo to explain the situation and need for aid. Their village, which is situated on the top of a small hill in a very… Read more »

37 Tibetan refugee families left homeless – UPDATE!

GOOD NEWS! This morning, 3rd May, a French architect-engineer performed an assessment of the damage to the Tibetan refugees’ building using Yann’s detailed photos. He told us that the building needs extensive repairs, but if repaired correctly it will be safe to live in once more. So while this group of Tibetans will have to continue… Read more »

Delivering Aid to Vangeri, Lachyang Gaon in Chaturale, Nuwakot

Yesterday, 1st May, a team of four monks and Juan from Argentina headed out once more to the Nuwakot district. This was the second delivery of aid and supplies to the district that day. They took a fully-loaded truck of supplies: 35 large sacks of rice, 2 sacks and 4 boxes of instant noodles, 4… Read more »