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Preparing Tarps for New Field Post

Here is a photo of our monks and volunteers preparing tarps to be sent up to Lana and her team tomorrow in Melamchi, where they returned last night. Soon they will be heading north to set up a field post where they can treat earthquake victims from areas in Helambu who have not yet received any aid. They will use… Read more »

Rinpoche Helps Family – Kopan

Saraswoti Thapa of the Kopan area, together with her son and daughter, approached Phakchok Rinpoche this evening in need of shelter. Their house collapsed during the earthquake and the family of eight had no place to go. She came representing her father who has only one leg and so is unable to visit the monastery… Read more »

An Interview by Republica

Earlier today, 2nd May, Riwaj Rai, correspondent to Republica newspaper, visited the office to conduct an interview with Phakchok Rinpoche. Rinpoche debriefed him on the core goals of the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation and described the mobilization efforts of the organization. Along with the interview by Thai PBS today, the efforts here are quickly gaining widespread… Read more »

Phakchok Rinpoche Interviewed by Thai PBS

Today, May 2nd, Thailand’s Public Broadcasting Service television station visited Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery to interview our Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation relief team here. They recorded and will televise Phakchok Rinpoche describing the relief efforts of the organization. He described the immediate response process to the earthquake, stating that the first step was to determine where… Read more »

Video Report from Lana about Yolmo (Helambu)

Lana O’Flaherty has just returned from expeditions to Yolmo (Helambu). In this video she reports of what she has found in Yolmo, the total destruction and suffering. The situation in Yolmo is dire and we need your support in raising funds and getting help there.  

Reporting from Sundarijal, Chilaune

Yesterday morning, Kunsang Lama travelled up to Chilaune village in Sundarijal to survey the area. (Sundarjial is in Shivapuri National Park, near Nagi Gonpa.) He reported that there are a few hundred houses there and more than 1000 residents. Almost all of the houses have either collapsed or been so badly damaged that they cannot be… Read more »

Reporting from Chaturale, Nuwakot district, 29-30th April

On the 29th April, one of our teams travelled up to the Nuwakot district. Urgyen Dorje, one of our monks, is from the Chaturale village so they headed there to see how they could help. Fortunately they saw that although many houses have been damaged, not too many have been destroyed. Nevertheless, even if their… Read more »

Melamchi to Timbu: a report from the field

Two volunteers from the Ukraine (who wish to remain anonymous) made their way to the village of Melamchi and from there to Timbu to assess the situation away from the cities and provide as much aid as possible. This village has about 4000 people in about 700 houses. They returned to Kathmandu at 1 a.m…. Read more »

Phakchok Rinpoche gives an update on relief efforts

Phakchok Rinpoche gives an update on CGLF’s earthquake relief efforts to date – thanks those who have contributed, and urges supporters to donate to the cause. CGLF have been delivering tents, food, and medicinal supplies to remote mountain areas hard hit by the quake. We rejoice in all the people that have been helping in… Read more »