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Scouting Sundakhan area begins

Lama Busulu and Lama Lungtok Sangpo head off from Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery to survey the Sundakhan area.

Our new emergency office

Yesterday we set up an emergency office in the garden of Rangjung Yeshe Institute restaurant, which is at the back of our monastery Ka-nying Shedrub Ling. Rangjung Yeshe Institute have provided us with electricity and Wifi. There are at least a dozen of us here – monks, nuns, and our international students – receiving information… Read more »

Buying Food

Today we bought 100 more 30 kgs sack of rice and other food for distribution. Here in Kathmandu, the sun has finally come out and the rain has stopped. We are finally warming up. Let’s hope it lasts!  

An update from Phakchok Rinpoche and our team in Kathmandu

It has been raining non-stop since yesterday evening. Most people are still camping outside and it is cold and damp. After-shocks continue. Volunteers have been working around the clock since Saturday afternoon trying to assess the damage in each area, what each area is in need of, and how and when they can be reached…. Read more »

Helambu – Update

The CGLF team is focusing attention on getting aid to areas such as Helambu where aid has been slow to arrive. The photos below are from Melamchi, where reports tell us that most of the buildings have collapsed. Aid to villages such as this is what your donations will make possible. Please help us to… Read more »

Earthquake Relief

Dear Friends, Since Saturday, March 25th, Nepal has suffered a devastating earthquake and numerous aftershocks. Thousands of people have died and many tens of thousands of others are destitute, vulnerable, and filled with fear. Fortunately, our community of monks, nuns, and students are safe and our monasteries relatively undamaged. Many other areas though have suffered… Read more »

Report from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery

Today at Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery, where all of the monks and many lay people have been camping since Saturday, we started cleaning up the debris from the earthquake. A lot of plaster cracked and fell off the walls on both the inside and outside of the monastery during the earthquake, so we started sweeping… Read more »