Back to Salyantar – for bandaging and burn-care!

Learning skills to care for each other is a potent way to take back control of life after an earthquake.

Following the wonderful example of the Singapore nurse team whose first aid courses were so successful, Vajra Varahi Healthcare volunteers took their training skills to Salyantar and Sanagaon villages.

Lto R: Carina  interprets Miren and  Izarnes' Spalnish into English, then sSushila interpret into Nepali.

Lto R: Carina interprets Mirens’ Spanish into English, then Sushila interpret into Nepali.

Izarne, Alberto and Miriam accompanied Vajra Varahi Healthcare staff, Carina, Sushila and Prajwal, on a day of first aid training for members of all four communities.

Prajwal called together everyone who was not working in the fields to the classes held in temporary shelters, where Miren, a student nurse, began by showing how to treat wounds and burns. Then Izarne, who is an osteopath, explained what to do in case of an accident involving loss of consciousness.

Sushila demonstrates  bandage technique!.

Sushila demonstrates bandage technique!

As well as helping Prajwal interpret the teaching into Nepali, Sushila showed everyone how to bandage different kinds of injuries – skills she had learnt form the previous first aid courses!

After the training there was a short test – to check that everyone understood what they had learnt, and all the participants gave their feedback about the course itself. The results? Everyone had a great time, enjoyed themselves and felt much happier about treating injuries in the future, however they should arise!

Representatives of Sunar and Tamang communities with their first aid kits

Representatives of Sunar and Tamang communities with their first aid kits

One person of each community went home with  a First Aid Kit containing bandages, medicines and instructions in Nepali reminding how they should be used. The kits will be kept in a safe place, available to anyone in the village who needs it.

It’s fabulous to see how the seed of learning planted with the weekend of courses last month, is growing and spreading into a flower of knowledge!

Thank you so much to our previous trainers, and to the donors from Singapore who are supporting the equipment and supplies!

Sunar and Tamang communities after the training

Sunar and Tamang communities after the training

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