Back to school in Yangrima!

Back in June it was an enormous pleasure to see how a single tent, so kindly donated by you, could help so many! Our tent was temple, dormitory and school room to the people of Sermathang village in Hyolmo. Now life in Sermathang is slowly getting back to normal and Yangrima school is at the heart of recovery.

The school now has 7 tents and use of a large room in the community building and all year groups are able to study separately. But lessons are not the only reason school is so important, as principle Tashi Lama reported to us when he came down to Kathmandu last week.


Students of Yangrima school saying Thank you!

“Before the earthquake there were 183 children, after the earthquake by the start of school year we had only 96 students. Now there are 106 students and this number is still growing as families are coming back to Sermathang from Kathmandu,” Tashi told us. “Just being together, playing and studying has meant that 90% of children are already trauma-free. Being with other children rather than staying at home really helps to overcome the after-effects of the earthquake. That’s why school is so very important”.


!notebooks arrived to SermathangWhen we asked what other help was needed, Tashi Lama asked for stationery. CGLF is delighted to have donated 3200 notebooks to Yangrima, enough for 8 months studies.

Principal Tashi Lama was compelled to stay in Kathmandu for two weeks because of the new landslides. Finally on August 5 he departed by jeep from Boudha in the early morning and successfully reached Sermathang in the afternoon with the supplies. And it was very timely! More rocks fell on the road and it was once again blocked, preventing the jeep from coming down.

!IMG_20150806_150826As well as notebooks we also gave some supplies from the Malaysian cargo. Biscuits and noodles were distributed together with lunch for two days, which school provides free to students. Bedding and sweaters will be distributed by the principal to the children who need them most those orphaned by the earthquake and those who are in boarding at the school.

The children were really excited and happy to get all these things that we provided! We join them in sayings huge ‘thank you’ to everyone whose general donations has meant the children of Yangrima school are well on the way to recovery.


Written by CGLF

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