“Between Earth and Sky”- fundraising concert in Italy.

“When Nepal was hit by the earthquake me and my friends Marina Mafrici and Oscar Bonelli really wanted to do something to help people there” wrote Talyana Tobert as she sent us news of their fundraising event in Italy this month.
Oscar playing

Oscar playing

“Every year I work in Nepal as a mountain guide leading tourist groups in the Himalaya. Over the years I fell in love with this country and Nepalese people. Marina works as a teacher in the local school and Oscar is a dentist, but his life passion is music. He knows songs from all over the world and plays several ancient instruments and he is quite famous. Joining forces we decided to organize a couple of ethnic music concerts in the little town of Sant’Oreste where we live”.



“Sant’Oreste is around 50 km from Rome and the life of people here is very similar to the villagers of Nepal: working in the fields, farming, children growing up all together and having a strong feeling of community”.

San Silvestro Mountain Chapel

San Silvestro Mountain Chapel

“When we came up with our idea, the Sant’Oreste community offered us the ancient chapel of San Silvestro on the top of the mountain as a location for the concert. This is a beautiful place with a special energy just like some sacred places in the Himalaya. That’s why we decided to name the concerts “Between Earth and Sky”.


The path to the mountain top

“To reach the chapel people had to walk up 5 km of mountain road. Despite this effort, in two concerts we had almost 100 guests from 20 to 80 years old! We promised  that all the money collected will be donated to Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation for  relief projects in Helambu  – it is the region where all my Sherpa friends live. Though we collected only 800 euros, it was a remarkable experience for our community, and we probably will repeat it again in September.”

Talyana’s final words were “thanks to you people around the world who are joining to help each other!” To which we add, thank you everyone in the hills of Italy for sharing your music with us!

Written by CGLF

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