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Team Returns from Yang Ri with Emotional Stories

Five days ago, Gilad Yakir, a student from Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery headed to Sindhupalchowk in a vehicle with two other volunteers and three monks from the Foundation. They loaded up a vehicle with medical supplies and began driving towards the village of Yang Ri, the home of Tsultrim, one of the accompanying monks. However,… Read more »

A Touching Report from Chiri, Dolakha District

On 2 May, Tenzin Kunkhyab and Konchok Gyaltsen, young monks of Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery, travelled to Yalung, Chiri Bazaar in the Dolakha district. None of our community members are from this village and so the monks had never been there before, but the previous day some locals had reported that the area needed help… Read more »

Learning How To Rebuild

From 8 am to 8 pm, there is a constant flow of individuals, requests, supplies, and trucks coming into our office. Movement is relentless and the sense of urgency sometimes comes in a hectic form. In the midst of requests being made, supplies being sent, and reports being typed, many emotions begin to flow and… Read more »

A Personal Account from Neding, Yolmo (Helambu): Paul Keller

When the earthquake struck last Saturday, Paul Keller jumped from this window. Paul is a friend of the monastery who was residing in a small, wooden retreat cabin at Chatral Rinpoche’s retreat center in Upper Yolmo in Neding, near Tarke Gyang. He was the only retreatant at the center, thus the only one staying inside… Read more »

Testimonials from Sindhupalchok Receive Immediate Response

This morning, May 3rd, the organization received two visitors. Both Anil Tamang from Ramichav, Sindhupalchok, and Ram Bisukarma from Dalit, Sindhupalchok explained in separate video testimonials what their village was lacking. Responding immediately, CGLF has sent trucks this morning with tarps for both areas. Their testimonials can be viewed below and more information will follow… Read more »

Volunteer Efforts Make International News

Word of Chokgyur Lingpa Foundations’s (CGLF) relief work in Nepal has made international news. Lana O’Flaherty, a recent addition to the team of volunteers working for the Foundation in Kathmandu, has featured in The Sunday Times, a British newspaper with an international readership. Scooted off the front page only by Kate Middleton’s delivery of a baby… Read more »

Interpreters Joining Forces

Tsering Sherpa lives with his wife in Kopan, near Boudhanath in Kathmandu. He joined the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation’s project ‘Vajra Varahi Healthcare’ five years ago as a medical interpreter. After intensive professional training and experience Tsering has been sharing his skills with other NGOs in Nepal. Last week Tsering recruited nine others and has been… Read more »