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37 Tibetan refugee families left homeless – UPDATE!

GOOD NEWS! This morning, 3rd May, a French architect-engineer performed an assessment of the damage to the Tibetan refugees’ building using Yann’s detailed photos. He told us that the building needs extensive repairs, but if repaired correctly it will be safe to live in once more. So while this group of Tibetans will have to continue… Read more »

Video Report from Lana about Yolmo (Helambu)

Lana O’Flaherty has just returned from expeditions to Yolmo (Helambu). In this video she reports of what she has found in Yolmo, the total destruction and suffering. The situation in Yolmo is dire and we need your support in raising funds and getting help there.  

Melamchi to Timbu: a report from the field

Two volunteers from the Ukraine (who wish to remain anonymous) made their way to the village of Melamchi and from there to Timbu to assess the situation away from the cities and provide as much aid as possible. This village has about 4000 people in about 700 houses. They returned to Kathmandu at 1 a.m…. Read more »