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Requests for help rebuilding: a report from Tsering Sherpa

The small villages in the Helambu area still in need of aid and repair as already one month has passed since the initial earthquake. As time moves on, more accurate data is being collected to demonstrate the extent of the damages suffered in the last four weeks. In the small village of Okhrani, 26 houses… Read more »

Lapsifedi and Timpani Village

The village of Lapsifedi, close to Kathmandu and yet difficult to reach by car, is home to more than four hundred people. It has the most beautiful views; on a trekking route, Lapsifedi was an up and coming tourist site before April 26th. The village was very near the epicenter of first quake. All  120… Read more »

Community Institutions Destroyed in Badeguan, Sindupalchowk

CGLF has recently become aware of the destruction of two important schools and one Nyingma monastery in Badegaun VDC in the Sindupalchowk district. As a result of the earthquake, 103 villagers were killed, five of whom were primary school students ages 6-8 and 15 of whom were monks and lamas from the monastery. The physical… Read more »

A Report by Chengha Tsering Sherpa

District Dolakha, VDC Khardunga, village Chittare Phokte, Ward 8 On 23rd May, Chengha Tsering Sherpa travelled to Chittare Phokte Village, 121 km away from Kathmandu. Tsering delivered food supplies: 1 sack of rice per family, salt, lentils, and oil. The villagers were grateful, and the delivery raised spirits all around. There are 88 houses in… Read more »

Gilad explores beyond Chapagaon

Acupuncturist and relief volunteer Gilad Yakir tells of his journey to explore further beyond Chapagaon, home of  CGLF Vajra Varahi Healthcare where Gilad is currently working. “I took the motorbike this afternoon on a long trip from Chapagaon – the only road that goes south, next to where we went with Rinpoche yesterday. This road… Read more »

Phakchock Rinpoche visits Chapagaon, Champi, Itahiti and Dalitgaon

Chapagaon village, 37 kilometres from Boudhanath is known for its ducks (yes, ducks!) and for its temple to Vajravarahi, sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Beside the temple forest is Pal Do-ngak Nyida Mindrol Norbuling monastery (gompa) home to fifty-four young monks under the guidance of Phakchok Rinpoche. Behind the monastery stands the magnificent Zandok… Read more »

A Women’s Report

  On 22nd May, we received a report from six women in Chapali Ward-4, Narayenthan. These six women – Rupa Shing, Sunari, Geeta Maya Shrestha, Min Kumari Biswakarma, Anju Magar, and Gita Biswakarma – have been living outside since the first earthquake last month. Their house, just an hour and a half from our monastery… Read more »

A Report by Dr Sapphire Gan – Providing Medical Aid in Timbu

As reported earlier, on 4th May one of our teams travelled to Timbu and its surrounding areas to provide medical assistance and aid. Below is a report written by Doctor Sapphire Gan, one of the Singapore medical volunteers and main organisers. This must be, by far, the most difficult post-camp report I have ever had… Read more »

Scouting report from Shankharpur

Two volunteers Kunga and Mahendra visited two areas in Shankharpur district on 18th May. The village of Jarsin Pawa (Shankharpur ward 5) is approximately 15km from Kathmandu. There are more than 500 dalits (‘untouchable’ caste) within this community. Of the 495 houses, 40 have been totally destroyed. The monastery, Samten Choeling, has collapsed and the… Read more »