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Distributing supplies in 8 Sindhupalchowk villages

Yesterday, Urgyen Gyurme and other monks from Ka-nying Shedrub Ling travelled to 8 villages in Sindhupalchowk to distributed requested food supplies and tarps. Here are some photos.  

Reporting back from Kavre

As previously reported, on Saturday 9th May Lamas Tubten Gyatso and Yeshe Wangchuk travelled to Panchkal and Mahadevtar in Kavre district to deliver requested food supplies and tarps. Here are some photos of their trip.

Banskharka, Sindhupalchowk

This morning Bhakta Bahadur Tamang reported back from his trip to Banskharka in Sindhupalchowk yesterday. There he delivered requested supplies of rice, lentils, oil, and tarps to 100 households in Ward 9 and 120 houses in Ward 5. In the video clip below, made yesterday, you can see the villagers’ appalling living conditions. Fortunately, these conditions will now… Read more »

Lama Sangye Yeshe reports back from Dubarchour and other areas

Lama Sangye Yeshe and team reported back from trips to Gimdi Ashram in Lalitpur and Dubarchour, Balaumche, Bulmedhada, and Buarachamin in Sindupalchowk. They travelled to these areas yesterday with food supplies and tarps. The villagers in Dubarchour told them that this was the first aid they had received since the earthquake, now more than two… Read more »

Video report about Bagam from Jampa Kalden

Jampa Kalden travelled up to Bagam, Sindhupalchowk with Lana and team on Thursday 7th. He arrived back in Kathmandu yesterday night at 12.30am. After a short rest, he came into the office this morning to give us this report.

Reporting back from Swara and Nuwakot

Yesterday Lamas Rinchen Zangpo and Gyurme Dorje travelled to Garthedara Gaon in Swara (aka Suara) and Suryamati in Nuwakot to deliver requested tarps and food supplies. Here are some photos from their trip.