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Lama Lekshe Zangpo reports back from Katike, Pangarpu

This morning Lama Lekshe Zangpo and volunteer Lobzang reported on their trip yesterday to Katike, Pangarpu. They travelled there by truck and were met by villagers who had walked down to receive the supplies. The village of Katike holds 250 households and has a population of around 800 people. Lekshe Zangpo and Lobzang supplied the… Read more »

Lama Sangye Konchok reporting back from Jyamire

Yesterday, Lama Sangye Konchok travelled to Jyamire in Sindhupalchowk. Jyamire is a village of 60 households. He distributed 60 tarps and 10 large sacks of rice.

Addressing needs in Wafal, Sindhupalchowk

Yesterday, Lama Tenzin Dawa travelled to Wafal village in Sindhupalchowk to assess what supplies they might need. He found that the small village of 55 households is in need of tarps and food supplies, so will return there armed with supplies today.

Ka-nying monks working through sunshine and rain

As reported, on Friday 8th May the 7000 new tarps we ordered arrived from India. Yesterday, our Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monks worked all day through sunshine and rain to label, pack, and organize the tarps for immediate distribution. In this short video made by Phakchok Rinpoche, you can see the monks – junior and senior… Read more »

Reporting back from Bhirkharka

Yesterday, our monks Urgyen Gonpo and Kunzang Rangdrol returned with two villagers from Bhirkharka, Sindhupalchowk. They had taken rice, daal, salt, cooking oil, and tarps to Bhirkharka the previous afternoon. It had been a long journey to get there – 5 hours by bus and 2 on foot. On arrival in the village they found… Read more »

Checking in at Nagi Gonpa

When visiting Tara Bhir, Alba and some of her team visited Nagi Gonpa (less than an hour’s walk away) to check on the nuns and deliver Ayurvedic medicine, vitamins and other medical supplies. They were pleased to find that the entire community is well and is not in need of any immediate assistance. Thanks to… Read more »

Alba and the Vajra Varahi Healthcare team visit Tara Bhir

Yesterday, Alba Leiva, director of Vajra Varahi Healthcare Clinic in Chapagaon, together with 7 other doctors, 1 of our monks, and a stack of medicine travelled up to Tara Bhir, a village near our nunnery Nagi Gonpa, in Shivapuri National Park. In recent months, Vajravarahi Healthcare opened a healthcare post at Tara Bhir that opens… Read more »

A sober account of his visit to Prok, Nubri by Khenpo Karma Gyurme

This morning, Khenpo Karma Gyurme (aka Tokpa Tulku) of Ka-nying Shedrub Ling was at long last able to travel by helicopter to his hometown of Prok in Nubri. Not only did he travel there to deliver 600kg of much-needed supplies from the Foundation, but he also went in search of his mother who lives there… Read more »

Reporting needs in Drupadrung, Helambu

This morning we received video messages from a Rinpoche at Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche’s retreat center in Drupadrung above Tarke Gyang, Helambu, and one of the local caretakers. They explained that although in their area fortunately no one was killed in the earthquake, all of the buildings were destroyed and so now they all lack proper shelter…. Read more »