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An interview with the Singapore medical team

Here is a longer interview with the Singapore medical team, who returned from Timbu yesterday. They are flying back to Singapore today. Their reports and comments highlight the fact that the need for longer-term solutions, such as psychological support, rebuilding, preventative healthcare, and regular food supplies are becoming increasingly critical.

Thoughts from our Singapore doctors: the long-term plan

Our team of doctors and volunteers returned yesterday from four days of delivering medical aid in Timbu, Sindhupalchowk. In this short video clip, the doctors share their thoughts about what kind of help is most needed now. More news and reports from the team to come.

Farewell for now from Ben Ewing

One of our student volunteers Ben Ewing dropped in to say goodbye at the “office” today. He is leaving for the USA, having helped out on two of our relief trips – one as a motorbike scout to Lalitpur and the other with the Singapore medical team to Sindhupalchowk. Too tired to think of much… Read more »

Video message from Tsultrim Namgyal in Yangri

Below is a video message from Tsultrim Namgyal, speaking from Yangri. Tsultrim recorded this message on 6th May when our team made it up to Yangri in a helicopter as previously reported.

Still More Requests for Help

Yesterday we received a report from Lama Yeshe Dorje about Sangngak Choeling monastery in Kajre, Raithane Ward 9, Palchok VDC, Yolmo. (This is one of the areas visited by Phakchok Rinpoche and his team on 5th May.) He reported that all 45 houses in the area collapsed in the quake and that from among a population… Read more »

Reporting from Suara village (near Trisuli)

A report given by monk Rinchen on 7th May: Our monks returned from Suara village on 7th May with a request for us to send further supplies. The team of four had set out in a bus from Boudha earlier in the day and reported that the road is good and that the river provides… Read more »

Shyam Lama reporting from Majuwa village, near Naubise

Our monks continued in their bus to Naubise, where they met with villagers from Majuwa (a four hour walk away) and distributed food supplies and tarps. They received photos from the village but didn’t walk there themselves. They learned that all 62 houses are down and 11 people dead. The village population is around 200…. Read more »

Reporting from Bolgang, Barawa VDC (Sermathang)

As previously reported, yesterday Lamas Sherab and Puntsok and others went to Bolgang, Barawa VDC (Sermathang) in Sindhupalchowk to deliver food supplies, 42 large tarps, and 40 solar lights. Below are some photos of the supplies being delivered.

Lamas deliver aid to local hospital and orphanage

Yesterday, Lama Choying Loyang and Lama Urgyen of Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery travelled to the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital and Nepal Orphans Home to deliver much-needed tarps and food supplies to the handicapped, orphans, and those who have been made homeless by the earthquake.