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Reporting from Nima Dumbu Gaon, Sindhupalchowk

Yesterday, two of our young monks, Ngawang Tarchin and Kunzang Namgyal, travelled up to Nima Dumbu Gaon in the Sindhupalchowk district. This was one of the many villages reported to us to be in need of aid. Unfortunately, the jeep got a puncture when driving through Chintakarka village, a short distance from their destination. Since… Read more »

Helicopter Addresses Basic Needs for Survival in Yang Ri

Several days ago, CGLF sent a team up to Yang Ri to help with first aid missions. Our team helped to treat many people but still the relief was not sufficient. Yesterday, Lama Phuntsok Dorje from the area made his way down to Kathmandu and found our office. We discussed with him and after seeing… Read more »

CGLF Quickly Responds to Needs in Lalitpur District

Yesterday, Juan Porzio, a volunteer here, took his motorcycle about an hour outside Kathmandu to the district of Lalitpur. There, he found that Chapagaon VDC had been seriously damaged by Saturday’s earthquake and had received minimal support, despite its proximity to Kathmandu. In an area of approximately 260 homes, 160 were completely destroyed and besides… Read more »

Getting Urgent Supplies to Bi, Nubri

Yesterday, with great luck we were able to secure a private helicopter and deliver aid to Bi, lower Nubri, one of the four gabisas (regions) in Nubri. Both upper and lower Nubri are now completely cut off and are reachable only by air. Nubri lies in the north of the Gorkha district. In ordinary circumstances,… Read more »

Requests Granted in Helambu

The past few days, many survivors have been making their way down to Kathmandu. In the CGLF office, we have received many of these visitors who have come with desperate requests for food and shelter to return to their villages with. Yesterday, one such request came from Helambu which we immediately addressed by sending food,… Read more »

Team Returns from Yang Ri with Emotional Stories

Five days ago, Gilad Yakir, a student from Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery headed to Sindhupalchowk in a vehicle with two other volunteers and three monks from the Foundation. They loaded up a vehicle with medical supplies and began driving towards the village of Yang Ri, the home of Tsultrim, one of the accompanying monks. However,… Read more »

Heading out

This morning, 5 May, more than five teams set off from the monastery to deliver supplies and aid. Phakchok Rinpoche and a groups of monks set out to Thulodading, Lishanku, and Attarpur in the Sindhupalchowk district. Other groups are heading for: Dhakpa, Khadka, Nima Dumbu, Lhando, Pawachusa, and Pasa Gaon, five areas in Helambu-1 in… Read more »

A Touching Report from Chiri, Dolakha District

On 2 May, Tenzin Kunkhyab and Konchok Gyaltsen, young monks of Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery, travelled to Yalung, Chiri Bazaar in the Dolakha district. None of our community members are from this village and so the monks had never been there before, but the previous day some locals had reported that the area needed help… Read more »

Reaching Out Further

Dear Friends, Below are some photos from today’s work. The photo on the left is of the list of places we reached out to today, written on a make-shift whiteboard on the side of one of the emergency tents that we’ve set up in the garden to store supplies. The second photo of a long list… Read more »