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Help for Tashi Choeling Monastery in Sunkani

Sunkani village in Sindhupalchok is host to the 300 year old Tashi Choeling Monastery or ‘gompa’ of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Founded by Semchey Rinpoche and renovated by Kripo Lama in 2005 B.S. (Nepali calendar) Tashi Choeling is now a community-based monastery, cared for by the Tamang communities of different wards, with fifteen Lamas… Read more »

The Second CGLF Youth Gathering; putting compassion into action!

On Saturday, July 25th, CGLF held our second annual Youth Gathering. The Youth Gatherings aim to support young people belonging to Buddhist cultures in preserving and cultivating their traditions, and inspire them to put their spiritual practice into action through community activity and practical compassion. You will have read how previous participants have been helping their… Read more »

Posters for Health!

CGLF has comissioned a poster to remind people about the need for clean water and hygeine to prevent illness. This has become particularly important with the appearance of cholera in the Kathmandu Valley. The Vajra Varahi Healthcare team and monks from our monastery next door have been out and about in Chapagaon village and its… Read more »

Medical Supplies to Dhading District.

Dinesh Kumar Tamang, Chairman of the Lapa Health Centre committee, took part in the first CGLF Youth Gathering two years ago. Remembering our committmment to social action, which formed a core part of the Gathering discussions, he came to visit our Boudha office to ask CGLF for help. Lapa is three days walk from Dhola… Read more »

Combating Cholera at Nagi Gompa

Nagi Gompa was the venue for the second water safety and cholera prevention training session, held last week. The Vajra Varahi Healthcare team met nuns and lay workers, and villagers from Tara Bhir nearby at the nunnery, high above the Kathmamdu valley  in the beautiful Shivapuri National Park. The team explained how cholera is spread… Read more »

Cholera prevention and water safety – training to save lives!

One hundred and seventy one years ago John Snow realised that the cholera outbreak in Broad Street, London, was being spread by water from the local water pump. Further proof of his theory came from the fact that none of the monks in the adjacent monastery contracted cholera, for they drank only beer, which they… Read more »

Twice in a lifetime; stories of the earthquake, 1934

For Sher Bahadur the events of 25th April 2015 were not entirely unexpected; he had seen it all before. Sher Bahdur was 11 years old back in 1934, living in a small settlement of twelve houses in the open fields of the Kathmandu valley. Now Nikoshera is a village of 160 houses. People began to move here after… Read more »

Hope becomes reality in Nikoshera

The fields of Nikoshera sparkle jewel-green under the sapphire sky, just as they should. In front of a street of neat houses, chillies, sweetcorn and gundruk lie on large cloths drying in the sun. It is the same timeless scene one expects for late August in Nepal. But this year is just a little different…. Read more »

Helping others, helping ourselves

A couple of days ago we told you about Uma Desar and her family. Uma works at Vajra Varahi Healthcare clinic in Chapagaon. We thought you might be interested in what happened to the other non-medical staff at the clinic and what it means to them to be back at work. Bhuwaneswori Shrestha (in the… Read more »