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Education; the key to the future

On a piece of flat, open gound on the edge of Boudha, are a group of tents housing families from Bolansa village in Khomdrol, Tatopani VDC, Sindhupalchok district – an earthquake epicenter. This is Lama Phurpa Dorje’s home village, so he visits whenever he can. Last week he found one family in particular in need of… Read more »

A Tough Trail to Tatopani

We have come to know the journey to Chilime in Rasuwa pretty well by now; the team has delivered food, undertaken surveys, unloaded jasta, been up and back many times. But nothing is permanent – certainly not the weather or the roads! So perhaps it was no real surprise that our last trip was a… Read more »

Thukje Che!

May we introduce you to Lagchi who lives in a temporary wooden shelter next to what remains of Yeshe Lhundrub Ling Gompa, and her former home. “This tiny temple dates back 250 years ago, to the late 18th century, the time of the 1st king of Nepal” Lagchi tells us. The temple sits on ridge with… Read more »

Follow up from Yalung, Dolakha

  This exquisite statue of Chenrezik in Sharbhakasha Monastery (shown in the main picture before the earthquake) is seven hundred years old, an irreplaceable part of Nepal’s heritage. In our previous report (which you can read here) we told readers about the jasta and donations we sent to help this and other monastaries in and around… Read more »

The Magic of Art

Kiran Karjit lives in Sitapaila, where she used to run a school. The school collapsed in the earthquake and Kiran found herself living under a tarpaulin with two other families recently arrived in Katmandu from mountain villages that were completely destroyed. “As I stayed with these families I noticed how the children were scared. In the… Read more »

Bringing inspiration to two mountain communities

Recovery after a huge and shocking event is not only about practical things. Once food, water, medicine and shelter have been taken care of, what we need is the will to carry on, the strength to get back on our feet and, in many cases, start again from the beginning. Many have spoken about the… Read more »

Jangchub Zangpo – a monks’ story

Jangchub Zangpo is now 24 years old and a monk at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery. Once a year, after passing his exams in the monastery, he goes back home to Rasuwa to spend some time with his family. On April 25th 2015 Jangchub Zangpo was in Chilime. He takes up the story: “when the earthquake… Read more »

Thank you, Australia!

Twins Manu and Karina live with their mum, Ali, in Boudha. They experienced first hand the earthquake and slept outside for a week before catching their ‘plane to Australia to spend the  summer with their grandparents as planned. Once there, the three immediately got down to planning how to help the friends they had left… Read more »