CGLF Collaborates with Pharping Monastery

This week, Hadi El Rabbat, a volunteer originally from Egypt and raised in Germany, came to CGLF to organize an aid delivery for the village of Sermatang, located in Hyolmo. He had an emotional connection to the village, having done research there for a project back in 2013, and felt an overwhelming urge to help his friends and connections who had been affected by the earthquake.

IMG_3151Hadi therefore collaborated with Jonang Monastery in Pharping and CGLF in order to bring 20 tarps, medicine, and several sacks of food to the village which had been severely hurt by the earthquake. In the town, almost every house had suffered extreme damage and a boarding school in the area had been entirely reduced to dust. Luckily, since the earthquake hit on a Saturday, all of the children were outside and survived. Furthermore, the water pipes were damaged during the quake and the closest source of drinking water is now a three hour’s walk from the village.IMG_3164

Although the damage in the village was extensive and aid necessary, Hadi reported the equally poor conditions of almost every village leading up to Sermantang. He lamented that he felt a sad sort of “awkwardness” as the full truck passed by the suffering residents of other villages. The following video shows the heartbreaking scenery on the way to Sermatang and the aid that is still necessary in hundreds of places.


Monastery Ruins

Monastery Ruins

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