Combating Cholera at Nagi Gompa

Nagi Gompa was the venue for the second water safety and cholera prevention training session, held last week. The Vajra Varahi Healthcare team met nuns and lay workers, and villagers from Tara Bhir nearby at the nunnery, high above the Kathmamdu valley  in the beautiful Shivapuri National Park.

Image1-2The team explained how cholera is spread and what to do should anyone fall ill. They demostrated the three main methods of sterilising water and distributed ‘hygiene packs’ with soap and hand sanitiser.

“We updated our materials and edited the booklet we hand out, adding lots more pictures” reported Carina, Vajra Varahi Healthcare Director. “There was a lot of participation, with many questions from everyone. Feedback was good and we seem to have got the message across – there was a lot of laughing and fun!”


Written by CGLF

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