Cooking for Nepal – Australian fundraiser with a twist!

This week we  have news of another fundraiser for CLGF and friends Shenpen (helping smaller NGOs in Nepal) and Shedrub ( and rebuilding Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery). CGLF were delighted to receive $1380 USD ($2018 AUD), with the same amount also going to Shenpen and Shedrub.

Ali Williams told us how it was done! “Friends of mine, Martha and Garth, and my mum Helen in Australia organised a very special dinner. It was held at the Pilgrims Vegetarian Cafe in Milton, where two teams, each with a chef and a cook held a cooking competition.

The kitchen in action!

The kitchen in action!

Both chefs were from Bannisters (a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Rick Stein), and my friend Karynne was one of the cooks. Each team cooked a three course meal, with the theme for the main course being ‘Nepali food’. Karynne made a delicious soup called thukpa – I don’t know how she got a vegetarian stock to taste so good. Everyone at the event voted for the winners – but we could ‘buy’ votes – so Karynne won the course she cooked 120 votes to 20! The deserts were completely amazing and it took me hours to come off the sugar high to get to sleep.”


"Les Patterson" lookalike, appeared to wow and to horrify diners!

“Les Patterson” lookalike, appeared to wow and to horrify diners!

“Before we began, a screaming ambulance arrived and deposited our MC dressed as Les Patterson (a really disgusting character created by comedien Barry Humphries!) who spent the whole night joking, mocking and generally opening people’s wallets until we had $5860 (AUD) in the can. He was so consistently funny we all had sore cheeks the next day from laughing”.

“Altogether there were 64 tickets sold. I was amazed that there was still any floor space left to eat in!  Martha, who was in charge of organising the hall had set it up beautifully. The local community was fantastic – loads of people gave us great raffle prizes (including 3 tons of  fire wood, won by Marty) and the local grog shop (editors note; that’s Aussie slang for ‘off licence or wine merchant” btw!) donated 6 dozen bottles of very good wine. So that’s about as much as I can remember of the night……..”

It sounds like a great night – one we are sorry to have missed! – and with a fantastic result. Thank you so much Ali, Garth, Helen, Martha, Karynne, and everyone who made the evening such a stunning success. And if you want to know how we make thukpa, just head for Boudhanath…….!

Written by CGLF

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