Delivering Tin Sheets to Tarkegyang in Collaboration with the World Food Programme

The CGLF and WFP team

The CGLF and WFP team

On Tuesday, 21st July we were at last able to start sending tin sheets to Tarkegyang village in Hyolmo. We had been trying for more than a month to arrange for this, so were especially delighted for it to finally be happening. At the moment, because of many landslides caused by the monsoon, this area in Sindhupalchowk district is unreachable by road. Luckily, after several weeks of waiting, villagers were able to organize the delivery of the tin sheets by the World Food Programme (WFP) helicopters.

WFP helicopters can carry up to 2 tonnes of material at a time. The first trip was scheduled for Monday afternoon, but was postponed because of the weather. Finally, on Tuesday our first load of tin sheets took off! As the helicopter landed at cloudy Tarkegyang, villagers heartily welcomed the CGLF and WFP team and helped to unload this first batch of 31 bundles of tin sheets (1 bundle is enough for 1 house).

Lopön Urgyen Dorje, the leader of our team who travelled up there, spoke of how very peaceful it was there in spite of the tragedy they’d undergone and how kind and hospitable the villagers were, offering him the best tea and food they had. We aim to deliver enough tin sheets for each of the 116 houses in Tarkegyang and after that to also deliver tin sheets to some of the nearby villages.

The Tarkegyang villagers and CGLF are extremely grateful to WFP for making this delivery possible. We are now scheduling further trips in order to deliver the remaining tin sheets. We will keep you updated on the trips to follow.

Written by CGLF

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