Distributing food and tarps in the Pharping area

Yesterday we sent 18 sacks of rice, 3 sacks of daal, 1 sack of onions, 3 cans of oil, 1 sack of antiseptic lime powder, and 15 tarps to Kolkugaun and Ngodrubgaun, two villages in the Pharping area. There are eight other villages in the area, such as Karpagain and Suntrolgaun, which need tarps. We will try to send these to them tomorrow.

IMG_0006To Sundakhan, we sent 20 tarps for make-shift shelters and today, 1st May sent food supplies. We also sent 1 tarp to Bhaktapur, 3 tarps to Nagarkot, and 3 tarps to Yolmo. Several other groups and individuals have been coming to our reception center here at the monastery asking for supplies. For instance, some local nurses and doctors have grouped together and are planning trips to go out to areas in need that they know of, and local youth groups are also planning to go out to help. But some of them lack supplies, so they have been asking us. We are trying to help them as much as we can, and coordinate well so we can help people in the most effective and efficient way.

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