Fundraising in Danish village

“We can do so little from here, so far away….” wrote Rune Lacroix when she sent us pictures of the flea market and garden party held in the small village of Ollerup, in southern Denmark recently.

We’re not sure we agree! Rune and her team raised $2,100 US to help rebuilding in Nepal.

The busy kitchen in action!

The busy kitchen in action!

“We invited everyon to give us their old stuff for a flea market, and to  bake cakes and cook for the day” Rune told us. “We opened up our house and garden, with plenty of things to sell and lots of cakes and food, and a LOT of people came by during the day. Some of our friends played music as people were enjoying getting together for a very meaningful purpose.



Due to the kind help of our friends and families, and all the people attending, we managed to raise more than two thousand dollars, which we donated to Chogyur Lingpa Foundations relief work. Despite everyone’s concern and thoughts for the situation in Nepal, we had a joyful day – and everyone in our village sent loving thoughts to Nepal!”

Thank you, Rune and friends, for your hard work and for sharing your village spirit with other villages a continent away.


Written by CGLF

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