How you can help – Awareness & Donations

We need your help. Each and every one of us can help in some way, and you don’t need to be on the ground in Nepal to do so. The most critical things are to keep donations coming in and to raise awareness –  the two are self-perpetuating. Below is a simple guide to what you can do to help from your respective countries.

Family from Yolmo (Helambu)

A rescued family – Yolmo (Helambu)

Share our posts on your social media – Sharing our posts through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. accounts will spread word of our efforts to a much broader audience than we can reach alone. Click on the share buttons at the bottom of the video/article, or copy and past the URL  from the address bar onto your own page

Power of the media

Power of the media

Getting our cause into the media – Were you in Kathmandu at the time of the quake? Do you know someone who was or is still? Have you ever been to Nepal? Get in touch with your local media (newspaper, TV/radio station, lifestyle magazine) and talk to them about your experience. The media want personal, emotive stories, but please remember to push the aid angle. If people in your area are needing a little nudge, it might be your personal experience of Nepal and her people – perhaps you went trekking years ago in an area that has now been devastated (as all the mountain regions have) – that gives them the incentive to donate to an organisation like CGLF.

Fundraise in your town – A cake-stall, BBQ, car-wash, a garage sale or raffle – all of these are great ways to raise money in your community. People who don’t want to donate to foreign aid, or who haven’t thought of it, are more likely to partake in a fundraiser in which they are not just sending their money to an unknown organisation. If people can get something for their money they may be more willing to give it.


Kami Lama – Has lost everything in the earthquake


Galas/dinners – Are you part of a club, church, or organisation? Do you work for a large company? You could motivate your group to throw a fundraising gala or dinner. You can give a talk or powerpoint presentation to your guests, or perhaps you know someone who you can asked to speak. All proceeds from your efforts can be given to an organisation like CGLF.

Auctions – Are you an artisan? Does your business manufacture or sell a product? Auctioning a single item of some value can raise a lot of money without too much effort. Such auctions can be done through galas or fundraising dinners, on Ebay or similar online auction sites, or through social media like Facebook or Instagram. The money you collect can then be donated to an aid organisation that you trust.

Crowd-funding – Some crowd-funding platforms have an avenue for fundraising for charity. Look into what your local crowd-funding groups can offer. Larger platforms may already have fundraising efforts for Nepal underway, so promoting these efforts through social media is a good way to help.

Don’t forget to ask and or inform your place of work of your fundraising efforts, many companies will match the amount of money you raise thereby doubling your contribution.

Please contact Tom Greensmith [email protected] for photos and videos that you can use, advice on how to get your story or fundraising effort into the media, and ideas for how to make your event effective.


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