Fundraising Tips – Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation (CGLF)​

Regardless of what avenue of fundraising you go down, we’d love it if you followed a few of our fundraising tips. Read below and click on the links to get all the information that you need to succeed in your fundraising however you choose to do it.


Introduce CGLF and its aims.


– Describe our relief efforts during and after the quake and be explicit about our strengths – Nepali charity with understanding of local people and areas; Reaching remote mountain regions where international charities have not yet ventured.


– Tell people where their money will be going – although we cannot say in advance whether your donations will be spent on food, transport, medicine, or other supplies, we can assure you that no contribution will be misspent. All donations will go toward earthquake relief efforts.


Make it personal – Were you in Nepal at the time of the quake? Have you been to Nepal before? Are you a student of our Rinpoches? Your experience will encourage people to trust CGLF with their donations.


– Use footage and images from our website to create a sense of the reality of the situation. Telling people ‘it’s bad, but we’re helping’ will only go so far – but if you can include pictures and interviews in your presentation/speech it will help to solidify the matter in people’s minds.


 Donate the money you have raised to CGLF. Remember every minute counts on the ground in Nepal, so the sooner you can get donations to us the better.


Thank you from the CGLF team and the people of Nepal!

Thank you

Thank you