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People often wonder what kind of donation would be best. At this point money will have a much more direct impact than other kinds of donation. Over the last several days, Phakchok Rinpoche, Khandro and other members of our team have made multiple visits to the airport to collect some supplies generous donors have sent, but it is very difficult to get goods out of the airport because of customs policies. Unfortunately, donated food and supplies can fail to reach earthquake victims, and so cash donations are really what is needed at this stage. With cash, we can buy the supplies at this end and not waste time at the airport, so please donate money and encourage others to do the same. Rinpoche and the team also need the money to commission a helicopter so they can visit hard-to-reach villages. Donating cash will save time and allow greater access to people in need.


Our greatest advantage at this point is that we have a team that is being run by professionally trained volunteers who have come to Nepal from several countries. Because we have an all-volunteer team, we have little or no running cost, which means that the money you donate translates directly into aid for earthquake survivors. This is an emergency situation and we are—as you can imagine—almost overwhelmed by the challenges, but we have been working around the clock and are figuring things out as we go. One of the things we want to do more of in days to come is get reports out to the world form on-the-ground volunteers, and we hope you will help us disseminate this information. More information means more help for people in need. Ideally we would be sending out more regular reports, but there are so many situations that need immediate attention that our volunteers are already working around the clock. We appreciate your generous support and understanding. And of course, all of these people are human beings and so must deal with unbelievable trauma as it arises. Please know that we are doing our very best to get accurate updates to you as soon as possible. This work is being accomplished by a wide network of people, without which there are many people who would not get much-needed help. Thank you for being part of this effort.

Written by CGLF

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