Jyamire and Dadagaun

The road to the villages of Jyamire and Dadagaun is a very difficult one, very steep and rough.

Team with their trusty bikes

Team with their trusty bikes

Our team, travelling by motorbike, had nine dangerous encounters along the way there and back. Luckily the villages are reachable by jeep.

There are people of all castes in this mixed community of 1100 people, and they support each other well. Some help arrived from private organisations after the first earthquake and was distributed equally, without discrimination.

Children helping to clear the rubble of their school

Children helping to clear the rubble of their school

Thankfully at the moment they don’t need more food supplies, as nothing has come since, neither from the private sector nor from the government. However, all 225 homes were damaged and the school totally destroyed.

Fallen house

Fallen house

Mahendra and Bipin interviewed the two schoolteachers who showed them what is left of the school. They told him of their pupil, Adarsha Bishtha aged five, who was very lucky to run quickly out of his house which collapsed behind him during the earthquake.

Adarsha who survived teh 'quake

Adarsha who survived the ‘quake

Mahendra reports “people are smiling and the energy is quite positive in this place, there’s no depression or frustration. They are willing to work to rebuild their village together, they are coordinating the work between themselves really well. We don’t need human resources for reconstruction, just building materials and tools.”

In the village is a small Hindu temple complex known as the wish-fulfilling Tin Devi Mandir, consisting of three temples dedicated to different deities – Mahadev, Kaliki Devi, and Mahankal Bhairab. Whenever the community performs a puja there, rain occurs; at the least one drop of water will fall. It is a community-based temple, with no-one staying there permanently, but coming regularly to do pujas.

Hopefully, all wishes to rebuild will be fulfilled.

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