Karma’s new job

Do you remember Karma? He is a young man left with the care of his whole family after the illness of his father and the death of his mother. They are living in a tent near Boudha. (You can read the full story here)

Karma in front of the guesthouse/ restaurant in Thamel

Karma in front of the guesthouse/ restaurant in Thamel

Now his brothers and sisters were safe, most of all Karma wanted a job so he could support them and make sure they could carry on going to school. CGLF volunteer Kuenga took up the challenge. “Eventually we found a job for Karma at ‘Titans Trip’, a Chinese restaurant and guesthouse in Thamel. Karma works as a waiter, also helping to clean the place. The restaurant owner has provided him a room to stay in the same building as, after a late shift, there is no transport back to Boudha”.

Karma joins two other young men – Ram and Rosan – from the mountain villages of Dhading made homeless by the earthquake. They all arrived in Kathmandu without posessions and in need of work. Few days ago the CGLF ground team brought clothes, blankets and other basic supplies from Malaysian cargo to help the young men get back on their feet.

After a week on the job his new boss has given us feedback -“ Karma is very diligent” he told us, “I’m very happy with his work”. Congratulations, Karma!

You can see Karma saying thank you himself! Click here.


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