Kholakhadka, Sindhupalchowk

After returning from Bahrabise, Karma Jangchub, Konchok Gyaltsen, Urgyen Gyurmey, and Jigme Kunsang (monks from our Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery) went back to the Sindhupalchowk district to aid Kholakhadka, just outside of Melamchi. Gyaltsen reports almost all the houses to be either destroyed or unlivable due to damage. Lacking proper shelter, the village need more shelters. Yesterday they delivered 25 tarps for make-shift shelters, 9 sacks of rice, 1 sack of daal, 5 packs of oil, and 5 packs of salt. For every 8 houses, the monks provided 10 kg of rice and 4 kg of dal. The monks will return there today to deliver oil and salt.

SindhupalchowkSindhupalchowk 3 Sindhupalchowk 2 Sindhulpalchowk 1

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