Langtang in Kathmandu; starting all over again

Thinley Lama came to see Phakchok Rinpoche two weeks after the earthquake last year, from the village committee in Langtang. 7He described how with the earthquake came a huge landslide that destroyed the village completely. Thinley Lama survived thanks to strongly holding on to his horse and a tree, but 300 people from the village were killed. Survivors had to come down to Kathmandu and settle in tents and temporary shelters in a monastery compound, the Yellow Gompa, in Swayambunath. 

The place where the village used to be has been declared inhabitable by the Government due to the destruction and high risk. Villagers are forced to resettle in an area the Government indicate as safe, starting their lives again from nothing, far away from their hometown. Nepal is a diverse country with many different communities, each with their own language, heritage, traditions and way of life. The landscape is a vital part of a community’s heritage.  Relocating to a place which is not their own, and living with people from a different ethnic group poses a big challenge for people. And this comes on top of having to cope with the great loss of lives and homes. 

3Thinley Lama has known Phakchok Rinpoche for long time. He is a very active member of his community, always willing to do things for the development of his people and for the strengthening of dharma in Nepal. He asked help for his community, now consisting of 120 families (488 people) who are starting all over again. So a generous donation was distributed to each of these families through Thinley Lama as a seed of hope to rebuild their lives.

Written by CGLF

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