Medicine to Hyolmo

Tashi Lama is the principal of Yangrima School in Sermathang village in Hyolmo, brother to Dr Pasang. During the earthquake relief, both brothers spent their time providing medical help in Hyolmo, particularly in Manekharka.

On October 9th CGLF sent Dr Pasang all the remaining medical supplies so kindly donated by CGLF friends in Singapore. He will be distributing the supplies to health posts in Sermathang, Manekharka and other health posts nearby.

Dr.  Pasang updated us on the health post buildings in Sermathang and Manekharka. “Both buildings collapsed during the earthquake. Manekharka is already rebuild by sponsors but the health post in Sermathang is still waiting for help with rebuilding –  they need about 8 bundles of jasta.”

“Both health posts are community based, non-profit organisations. Their main patients are the villagers –  from pediatrics to geriatrics. Before the earthquake they used to buy the medical supplies from the pharmacy with a discount and sell them at the original price. The little profit from the medical supplies to help to run the health  post.  They usually stock 250 variety of medicine including antibiotics,  oral and IV medicines and topical medicines. But now, since earthquake, they need to gave free medical supplies; villagers’ priority ares basic needs like food and shelter.

With the generosity of our donors CGLF is very happy to help these services get back on their feet.

L to R_Tashi Lama, Jigme, Dr Pasang, Lee San, Mahendra, Lily

L to R_Tashi Lama, Jigme, Dr Pasang, Lee San, Mahendra, Lily




Written by CGLF

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Ann Swinton

I have a Facebook friend in Nepal, and he told me they were freezing at night because they live in a tin shelter and there fire doesn’t keep them warm. I told him that when I went home I would try and help him but I didn’t have a lot of money, he replied that they needed blankets and warm clothes, didn’t matter if they were second hand. If I could send money it would be $50, every now and then, because I am on a disability pension, I might be able to get others to give me some money, and I could get a lot of warm clothes, but it would cost so much to post them, and I don’t know how to get it there. Your faithfully, Ann Swinton.


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