Once more to Rasuwa, to new villages!

!Briddim_gompa and the tin from CGLFBlankets, sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, noodles, biscuits – all part of the Malaysian cargo, were distributed to the 49 families of Ling Ling and 54 families from Briddim last week. Tin sheets, specially bought from the money kindly donated by Singapore sponsors, were delivered to three temples, each receiving four bundles. As so often before, Lopön Urgyen Dorje, Mahendra and driver Raj Kumar were in the faithful truck with supplies!

During a previous trip to Rasuwa Lopön Urgyen Dorje was told by Tsering Norbu, the village lama from Tatopani, of yet another village in need of help. Padzong village in Chilime VDC houses thirty families and a 300 year old Buddhist temple – Zongdu Gonpa Gyang, ruined by the earthquake. !Briddim_gompa_3Another temple from the same area had also sent us a request for help. Dognak Chuklak Khang gompa in Briddim village, was built approximately 400-500 years ago. Moreover, our informant from Briddim mentioned the nearby village of Ling Ling where the local farming community might also  need help. They too are living  in temporary shelters made with tarps, wood and tin. Their temple, Ka-Nying Dognak Choeling Gonpa was built 12 years ago and is also in need of jasta (tin) to build a storage for the statues, relics and sacred texts. !IMG_1564_returning up to Ling LingAll three villages are situated on the hills above the main road going across Rasuwa district to the Tibetan border. Unpaved roads go up to the villages, which our jeep loaded with supplies and the truck loaded with tin were not able to travel because of the monsoon and landslides. So the villagers came down to the main road to meet us, collect the supplies and carry them back home. “Distribution was very well organized with the help of local people, and villagers were really happy with the help they’ve received” confirmed Lopön Urgyen Dorje. Watch the distribution and thank you messages for yourself! 

Written by CGLF

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