“Our inestimable gratitude to you all”

The Hyolmo Social Service Center in Boudha (HSSC) usually helps the Hylmo community living in Kathmandu. After the earthquake, HSSC was at the forefront of relief work, focusing on the Hyolmo area of Sindhupalchok district. CGLF joined them in supporting rescue work and supplying and delivering supplies to affected areas. 

Last week the Hyolmo community wanted to say ‘Thank You’.

invitation letter

Invitation to the ceremony

HSSC is part of Hyolmo Monastery,  where the community can gather to preserve the culture, religion and traditions of the Hyolmo people, conduct funeral, marriages and festivals.  On 20th September Lily, Leo and Ngawang from the CGLF office were invited to the Monastery to join a ceremony of appreciation of help and support to the Hyolmo Community.

On behalf of all CGLF helpers, donors and suppliers the three received a beautifully written and framed letter, a token of appreciation from the whole Hyolmo Community.

The text reads

“His Holiness, Dharma Teacher, Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche,


Letter of thanks in its beautiful frame

This year, April 25th 2015, the country faced a massive earthquake. Due to  this event there were many human casualties and destruction of property. The people of Hyolmo and Nepal were traumatized and psychologically affected. In this desparate situation, Rinpoche and his monastery took responsible and effective action through participation in immediate rescue, delivering food supplies and reconstruction together with the Hyolmo Social Service Center and the Hyolmo Earthquake Relief Committee. We greatly appreciate your help and we want to express to you all our inestimable gratitude.

We hope for your continued assistance and blessings and we pray for your future health and success. On the occasion of the Eighth Conference of the Hyolmo Social Service Center we, and all the Hyolmo Community, want to present this certificate showing our utmost respect. 

Gyamtso Hyolmo, President, 

Prakash Man Singh, Development Minister, Chief Guest of the Conference

Kesang Hyolmo, Secretary”

Vice Prime Minister Prakash Mansingh giving token of appreciation to Lily.

Vice Prime Minister Prakash Mansingh giving token of appreciation to Lily.

CGLF could only help with your support. Thank you everyone who has supported us –  with your time, your money, your ideas, your strength and the warmth of your hearts. Together we have touched the lives of many, and left them the better for it.



Written by CGLF

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