Looking back a year and moving on forward!

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Langtang in Kathmandu; starting all over again

Thinley Lama came to see Phakchok Rinpoche two weeks after the earthquake last year, from the village committee in Langtang. He described how with the earthquake came a huge landslide that destroyed the village completely. Thinley Lama survived thanks to strongly holding on to his horse and a tree, but 300 people from the village… Read more »

Clean water – a wonderful gift!

Water supplies in the Kathmandu Valley can be difficult at the best of times but since the earthquake life has been harder than usual. Ngagyur Memorial School (Boarding School) moved from their former home in Nubri to Thankot after the earthquake. Their water comes from ‘governmnet lines’ – government laid pipes. Water is currently only available… Read more »

Striding into the Future- the leaders of tomorrow

Our second Himalayan Youth Gathering in July revealed a wealth of talent and energy and CGLF promised to offer further training to participants. Our wonderful facilitators MC Cheong, Leo, Lily, Mahendra and Lopön Urgyen Dorje were reunited this month to run two days of leadership and project management training. After morning prayers each day there was a packed programme of… Read more »

Medicine to Hyolmo

Tashi Lama is the principal of Yangrima School in Sermathang village in Hyolmo, brother to Dr Pasang. During the earthquake relief, both brothers spent their time providing medical help in Hyolmo, particularly in Manekharka. On October 9th CGLF sent Dr Pasang all the remaining medical supplies so kindly donated by CGLF friends in Singapore. He… Read more »

The final delivery to Tarke Gyang

The petrol crisis here in Nepal is acute. Queues of 7 hours this week for a rarion of 5 litres per vhicle were the only concession to the main festival of Dashain, celebrated by every faith and creed throughout the land. Last week drivers waited in line for three days at a time….. So the Tarkegyang… Read more »

Those first precious moments; first aid saves lives

Immediate help saves lives! That was one of the messages we learnt the hard way during the earthquakes and their aftermath. Knowing what to do in an emergency benefits everyone – those who are injured or sick and those called upon to help, who can put their own fears aside in the moment of sharing…. Read more »

Art therapy update – and inspiration!

One of our most inspiring stories has been the work done by Kiran Karjit in Sitapaila. Kiran used our jasta to build an ‘art hut’ where drawing and creating has helped children overcome the traumas of the earthquake – catch up with the original story . We can now bring you up to date! Kiran… Read more »

“Our inestimable gratitude to you all”

The Hyolmo Social Service Center in Boudha (HSSC) usually helps the Hylmo community living in Kathmandu. After the earthquake, HSSC was at the forefront of relief work, focusing on the Hyolmo area of Sindhupalchok district. CGLF joined them in supporting rescue work and supplying and delivering supplies to affected areas.  Last week the Hyolmo community wanted to… Read more »

Cooking for Nepal – Australian fundraiser with a twist!

This week we  have news of another fundraiser for CLGF and friends Shenpen (helping smaller NGOs in Nepal) and Shedrub ( and rebuilding Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery). CGLF were delighted to receive $1380 USD ($2018 AUD), with the same amount also going to Shenpen and Shedrub. Ali Williams told us how it was done! “Friends of… Read more »

  • Vajra Varahi Healthcare goes to Champi

    Straight after the earthquake Vajra Varahi Healthcare (VVH) was in the forefront of emergency relief work in the villages around Chapagaon. One area they visited was Champi. VVH has a strong connection with Champi, having run an outreach clinic there, visited by villagers from all the surrounding hamlets. The people of Champi suffered greatly in… Read more »

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  • A very special place; Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s retreat hut in Nagthali

    While delivering tin to Chilime and neighboring villages in Rasuwa district, the CGLF team dropped off four bundles of jasta in Nagthali village, to provide for the repair of a small retreat house, a precious and blessed heritage site for Buddhist people. The small village of Nagthali is located on top of a hill at… Read more »

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  • Vajra Varahi Healthcare- serving the community every day

    “I am feeling much better than before. Now my pain is decreasing gradually. This treatment has really helped me.I used to have very bad back pain and because of that it was difficult for me to go to the toilet and squat down. I used to have to use both hands and legs like an… Read more »

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  • Good news from Chandra Bahadur Tamang (age 73)

    These days, Chandra Bahadur Tamang is recovering and feeling much better – and he can already walk again, albeit slowly. On May 21st Dr.John Calvin Kelly from Canada returned from Badegaun village in Sindhupalchok, where he had spent a whole day providing medical help for the villagers. He reported one serious injury – a man with… Read more »

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  • Supporting new life!

    The Disabled Newlife Center in Thali,  Kathmandu (aka DNC Nepal) provides support to children with disabilities, focusing on those from poor families and from remote areas of Nepal. On 21st July the CGLF team were delighted to visit DNC Nepal to bring supplies kindly donated by our Malaysian friends (read the original story here). “When we arrived, all… Read more »

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  • Tara Bhir clinic, future assured!

    The tiny two room clinic in Tara Bhir opened on the 9th of January 2015. After two earthquakes and multiple aftershocks it still stands, virtually the only building in the village left unscathed. And thanks to friends in Singapore, it will stay that way! From the moment the first volunteer practitioner, Dr Lili Sperry opened… Read more »

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  • Delivering Tin Sheets to Tarkegyang in Collaboration with the World Food Programme

    On Tuesday, 21st July we were at last able to start sending tin sheets to Tarkegyang village in Hyolmo. We had been trying for more than a month to arrange for this, so were especially delighted for it to finally be happening. At the moment, because of many landslides caused by the monsoon, this area… Read more »

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  • Gratitude and Friendship – Pema and Norbu

    This is a story of gratitude and friendship. During our latest journey to Rasuwa early in July, we delivered tin sheets for several families in Tatopani village. As our team was leaving, Pema (on the right in the main picture) and Norbu (on the left) gave katas (traditional Buddhist silk scarves) to thank CGLF and all… Read more »

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  • “Between Earth and Sky”- fundraising concert in Italy.

    “When Nepal was hit by the earthquake me and my friends Marina Mafrici and Oscar Bonelli really wanted to do something to help people there” wrote Talyana Tobert as she sent us news of their fundraising event in Italy this month. “Every year I work in Nepal as a mountain guide leading tourist groups in… Read more »

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