Looking back a year and moving on forward!

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Langtang in Kathmandu; starting all over again

Thinley Lama came to see Phakchok Rinpoche two weeks after the earthquake last year, from the village committee in Langtang. He described how with the earthquake came a huge landslide that destroyed the village completely. Thinley Lama survived thanks to strongly holding on to his horse and a tree, but 300 people from the village… Read more »

Clean water – a wonderful gift!

Water supplies in the Kathmandu Valley can be difficult at the best of times but since the earthquake life has been harder than usual. Ngagyur Memorial School (Boarding School) moved from their former home in Nubri to Thankot after the earthquake. Their water comes from ‘governmnet lines’ – government laid pipes. Water is currently only available… Read more »

Striding into the Future- the leaders of tomorrow

Our second Himalayan Youth Gathering in July revealed a wealth of talent and energy and CGLF promised to offer further training to participants. Our wonderful facilitators MC Cheong, Leo, Lily, Mahendra and Lopön Urgyen Dorje were reunited this month to run two days of leadership and project management training. After morning prayers each day there was a packed programme of… Read more »

Medicine to Hyolmo

Tashi Lama is the principal of Yangrima School in Sermathang village in Hyolmo, brother to Dr Pasang. During the earthquake relief, both brothers spent their time providing medical help in Hyolmo, particularly in Manekharka. On October 9th CGLF sent Dr Pasang all the remaining medical supplies so kindly donated by CGLF friends in Singapore. He… Read more »

The final delivery to Tarke Gyang

The petrol crisis here in Nepal is acute. Queues of 7 hours this week for a rarion of 5 litres per vhicle were the only concession to the main festival of Dashain, celebrated by every faith and creed throughout the land. Last week drivers waited in line for three days at a time….. So the Tarkegyang… Read more »

Those first precious moments; first aid saves lives

Immediate help saves lives! That was one of the messages we learnt the hard way during the earthquakes and their aftermath. Knowing what to do in an emergency benefits everyone – those who are injured or sick and those called upon to help, who can put their own fears aside in the moment of sharing…. Read more »

Art therapy update – and inspiration!

One of our most inspiring stories has been the work done by Kiran Karjit in Sitapaila. Kiran used our jasta to build an ‘art hut’ where drawing and creating has helped children overcome the traumas of the earthquake – catch up with the original story . We can now bring you up to date! Kiran… Read more »

“Our inestimable gratitude to you all”

The Hyolmo Social Service Center in Boudha (HSSC) usually helps the Hylmo community living in Kathmandu. After the earthquake, HSSC was at the forefront of relief work, focusing on the Hyolmo area of Sindhupalchok district. CGLF joined them in supporting rescue work and supplying and delivering supplies to affected areas.  Last week the Hyolmo community wanted to… Read more »

Cooking for Nepal – Australian fundraiser with a twist!

This week we  have news of another fundraiser for CLGF and friends Shenpen (helping smaller NGOs in Nepal) and Shedrub ( and rebuilding Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery). CGLF were delighted to receive $1380 USD ($2018 AUD), with the same amount also going to Shenpen and Shedrub. Ali Williams told us how it was done! “Friends of… Read more »

  • Jangchub Zangpo – a monks’ story

    Jangchub Zangpo is now 24 years old and a monk at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery. Once a year, after passing his exams in the monastery, he goes back home to Rasuwa to spend some time with his family. On April 25th 2015 Jangchub Zangpo was in Chilime. He takes up the story: “when the earthquake… Read more »

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    Posted on 6th July 2015 by
  • Thank you, Australia!

    Twins Manu and Karina live with their mum, Ali, in Boudha. They experienced first hand the earthquake and slept outside for a week before catching their ‘plane to Australia to spend the  summer with their grandparents as planned. Once there, the three immediately got down to planning how to help the friends they had left… Read more »

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    Posted on 5th July 2015 by
  • “Grandmother, is nobody with you?” – Mebu’s story

    This simple collection of bamboo and wood is the home of 93 year old Mebu. She lives alone on the edge of Tatopani village 15 minutes walk down the hill. Her small single room hut tucked away at the far end of a field, blending into the ferns on the hillside. In all the drama… Read more »

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  • Chilime VDC, Rasuwa

    “A safe journey, with good weather, and everybody received what they needed” was the conclusion from last weeks’ trip to Rasuwa – that has to be a definition of a job well done! Lopön Urgyen Dorje, with monks Phurpa Dorje and Jangchub Zangpo, all from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, were joined by lay volunteers Kuenga Yarpel and Sherab Thaye… Read more »

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    Posted on 3rd July 2015 by
  • “Dherey, Dherey Dhanyabhat”!

    “Thank you very, very much!” Who better to express their thanks after a visit from our team than the people of Chilime village themselves? See (and hear) for yourself in this short and heartwarming video below: We have done a lot of reporting about our relief trips and told you how grateful people are when we… Read more »

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  • A new harvest in Pangtang – reaping jasta!

    Rice planting has begun in Pantang village, a welcome sign that life returns to its’ annual rhythm despite the events of the last few months. This season, though, another harvest is being brought in. Instead of bundles of barley or wheat, bundles of tin! On June 28 at 6 am villagers of Pangtang began their… Read more »

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  • Fundraising in Danish village

    “We can do so little from here, so far away….” wrote Rune Lacroix when she sent us pictures of the flea market and garden party held in the small village of Ollerup, in southern Denmark recently. We’re not sure we agree! Rune and her team raised $2,100 US to help rebuilding in Nepal. “We invited everyon… Read more »

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  • How a single tent can help 96 children, 13 teachers and 12 Lamas!

    During his recent visit to Sermanthang in Hyolmo, Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche was able to see for himself the effect a single tent can have on a community! During first stage of our relief program, CGLF was able to give a large tent to Yangrima school. This tent stands in front of the ruined village temple and serves… Read more »

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  • Welcome to the new jeep!

    Regular readers of these posts will have noticed that almost all the reports of visits to villages contain the words “the road was rough (or dangerous or difficult, steep or impassable…..)”, with references to landslides, streams, ruts and hair-raising zig zag bends. You may also remember the story of the vital repairs to one of… Read more »

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