Working in the present, planning for the future; visit to Shantiban

Vajra Varahi Healthcare clinic opens in Chapagaon six days a week from 9am until the last patients leave around mid-afternoon. Some days after clinic the staff and monks from the monastery next door are now loading up supplies and heading to local villages.

Sushila with clinic Director

Sushila with Alba, Vajra Varahi Healthcare clinic director

Young monk Dudel Namgyal in Shantiban

Young monk Dudel Namgyal with residents of Shantiban

Last Monday the village was Shantiban. Our main contact in the village is a young woman of twenty, Sushila who has been instrumental in motivating her community.

She had already met all the families in the village and started a list of all those needing help, with names and number of family members. Most of them are low caste families, old people and woman alone with children. On Monday five families received food and thirty tents were given out. Some villagers also asked for support in terms of ideas for rebuilding.

This simple connection that has begun with emergency aid heralds a long-term relationship between Vajra Varahi Healthcare clinic and villages nearby.

“We dont just hand out aid. We publicise the clinic services, which are all very low cost and affordable to everyone. We talk about what people want support with now and in the future, such as first aid, more support for women and healthcare training. This is the start of a human net of sharing medical knowledge and good health”, say clinic staff.

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