Sharing close to home; Boudha Bamboo Basti.

Between Boudhnath and the river that flows to the cremation ghats at Pashupatinath is a small patch of ground, one of the few not  packed with concrete houses. Twisting streets now resound to motorbike horns where once the wedding elephants were led  to the water to bathe,   Here you can find a quarter of shacks and tarpaulin dwellings, home to a Indian community mostly from Bihar, known as  ‘Boudha Bamboo Basti’, the Indian Beggars Slum.

!Boudha Bamboo Basti - Indian Beggars Slum camp

Those who live here pay 1500 rupees per month per tent to stay on this piece of private land. They have been told to leave as the landlord has a plan to build apartments in the future…..But for now, just like all the residents of Kathmandu, those living in Boudha Bamboo Basti are still reeling from the effects of the earthquake. They lost clothes, plastic tarps, and blankets, for many the sum total of their meagre posessions.

main picVijay, Shankar, Vimala, Vishal, Siran and Michael visited last week to help out. They took with them some of the Malaysian cargo – thirty five sweaters, shirts and trousers for children and grown ups, 5kgs of milk powder for babies and twenty two blankets, one per family.

!20150812_111335“We could only help 25 of the 70 families staying in this camp of around 400 people” said Michael. “But what we could give out was really helpful and people were very much appreciated. We had many, many thanks”           

So thank you, everyone who     contributed so kindly to the cargo!


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I just came across your short piece about the Indian bamboo village at Boudhnath, Nepal. The reality of the earthquake situation as it affected the village residents was that they were actually unaffected..directly! Their village was safe, unscathed and in fact, it became haven to Nepali refugees from the ‘quake, especially by the end of the first week after the ‘quake when most Indians had left for India! Yes! The villagers welcomed your visit…but it is a regular occurence for them! Sadly, you visited the wrong camp!!


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