Smiles at Office as We Receive News of Success

At the office we are often working more than twelve hours a day on a diet of sugar and caffeine while in the hills our partners barely have time to use the bathroom. The resilience of our team both here at the CGLF office as well as in the field is strong, as is evidenced by our ceaseless work and our enduring optimism. But, like anyone, we sometimes get wound up in the tasks of the day and forget to see the bigger picture.

Today, however, Phakchok Rinpoche reminded us of the work that we have set out to do and the great success that we have already achieved. Somewhat shocked, smiles broke out across the office as we received the news that CGLF has provided aid to over 25,000 families affected by the earthquake. Sending out more than 6,000 tents and 1,000 sacks of food, we have been able to reach nearly 30 villages in desperate need. Please refer here for the detailed press release.

Our work is nowhere near finished as we begin to approach our next phase that focuses on rebuilding but receiving happy news does not go unappreciated.

Written by CGLF

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