“Supporting the Future – Sponsoring Childrens Education in Nepal”

Basic Goodness Foundation

The Basic Goodness Foundation (BGF) supports education and health care to disadvantaged communities who have little or no other access to these vital services. The projects we support are a direct response to the needs and aspirations of the local communities we serve.

We currently work through local partners who have existing projects that meet our criteria, and we aim to broaden our coverage in the future as we develop our capacity and capabilities further.

Lily, Karma, Sang Dolma, Norbu, MarcelaEducation Sponsorships 

The BGF education support initiative seeks to link up children with sponsors willing to fund all or part of their education.

Funding for one year at school ranges from $400-$1000 USD. This provides admission fees, uniforms, stationary, text books, as well as extracurricular activity fees.

You are welcome to donate a one-time offering, become a sponsor for a full year of education, or become a regular annual sponsor.


Shusma BikkaKeeping a personal connection between you and your sponsored student is important to us. The BGF team works directly with the children and their schools to establish the quality education and healthy lifestyle needed to ensure the future success of these young people.

Regular updates will be posted with photos, letters, and school progress reports detailing the wellbeing and growth of your sponsored student.

Please, if you wish to sponsor the education of a child here in Nepal and would like more information, send us an email at

[email protected].

This page will be moved to the ‘Basic Goodness Foundation’  website shortly. For those who have become sponsors, notification will be immediately sent once the move is made. Meanwhile, read on to learn a little more about BGF!

What is Basis Goodness?

The Basic Goodness Foundation was founded in 2012, and has 501c3 registration in the USA.

Our vision and mission

Basic Goodness Foundation is a secular, charitable humanitarian organisation founded on the principle that basic human nature is one of natural virtue – of kindness, compassion, openness and intelligence. Our vision is to nurture the very best in human nature, bringing out the basic goodness that lies within us.

In line with our vision, our mission is to benefit all those in need. We do so by working with a network of local partners and volunteers to provide health-care, education, disaster relief and social services to the underprivileged, particularly in Asia.

Our core values 

  • Cultivating wisdom and enabling people to have awareness and knowledge so that they can improve their quality of life.
  • Cherishing compassion by helping communities fulfill their basic needs, and encouraging them to then
  • help others so that the values of kindness and compassion will form an unbroken chain.
  • Enabling people to live in dignity, as the wisdom and compassion that they have developed are imbued into their daily lives.

The core principles governing our humanitarian work are

  • Commitment to sustainable community development.
  • Efficient and effective delivery that meets local needs.
  • Strong partnerships with local stakeholders and supporters.
  • Consultation and sharing.
  • Accountability and transparency.

We seek to support efforts that are able to directly benefit people by alleviating their immediate suffering, and also those that indirectly benefit people through improving their awareness and quality of life.

We welcome of all thaose with a like-minded vision to join us and support our work!

Choden Drolma

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