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Twins Manu and Karina live with their mum, Ali, in Boudha. They experienced first hand the earthquake and slept outside for a week before catching their ‘plane to Australia to spend the  summer with their grandparents as planned. Once there, the three immediately got down to planning how to help the friends they had left behind in Nepal.

Five separate events have been held so far!  First came film screenings in Thirroul (near Sydney) and Milton (four hours south of Sydney) of “When the Iron Bird Flies”, very kindly lent  by independent film maker Amber Bemak.

Thirroul audience

Thirroul audience

“Even though we made sure we didn’t clash with school events, public meetings and the Dalai Lamas visit to Australia”, said Ali, “a week before the event we found out it was the State of Origin, a huge footbal event in Australia – we were so worried that nobody would come. In fact, almost a hundred people turned up. We sold chai (Neplai tea) and cakes which my mum and lots of friends kindly cooked up for the night, we sold I (heart) Nepal T-shirts that we custom ordered and drew a raffle with generous prizes very kindly donated from local businesses”

Karina and Manu help with the raffle

Karina and Manu help with the raffle

“The second showing was to a smaller group, who happily came along to learn about the situation in Nepal and to enjoy a film and this time a light dinner of soup, chai, and yes, more cakes which were also kindly provided by more generous friends to support the event! We also sold more T-shirts and had another raffle.”

“So many people are truly concerned about what is happening and send their love and thoughts to all the people in Nepal. The CGLF video was extremely helpful and we showed this before the screening. Many, many people did not know that there were aftershocks and thought that it was just one or two devastating quakes. People were also not aware of the humanitarian crisis that the those in Nepal are facing”.

“Karina and Manu also got involved. They attended a kids Dharma meet-up in Milton on Sunday 21 June. They gave a slide show presentation that they created together about Nepal and what happened, and different ways that people can help. They then had a Q&A session –  one sweet young person wanted to know if we had to brush our teeth while we were outside for 6 days!”

“Then the kids watched a movie and came and printed some t-shirts in order to raise awareness and funds. We had made stencils of the Nepal flag and ‘I (heart) Nepal’ for the kids to chose between. Over two days 24 kids printed their own shirts and learnt a lot about how to help. The kids wrote some great messages of support for the children in Nepal, to help them by letting them know we are all are thinking of them, that we will tell others about what happened and how to help. And that they are not alone.”

“Finally, our dear friends also pulled together a cupcake stall on Saturday morning with a large selection of never-ending cup cakes and slices”.

Cupcakes and more!

Cupcakes and more!

“Altogether we raised a total of $ 4,878 US. We have shared the funds equally between CGLF, Shenpen ( and Shedrub (, Ali explained. “That comes to $1600 USD each. I hope it still helps!”

Yes it does help, and every day another family has somewhere dry to live as a result the kindness of supporters and donors and your hard work – and wonderful cooking!“We had so many helpers to be able to pull these events off –  and we would not have been able to do any of these without them” Ali says.

Thank you so much everyone who helped with these fabulous events!


Written by CGLF

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