The final delivery to Tarke Gyang

The petrol crisis here in Nepal is acute. Queues of 7 hours this week for a rarion of 5 litres per vhicle were the only concession to the main festival of Dashain, celebrated by every faith and creed throughout the land. Last week drivers waited in line for three days at a time…..

So the Tarkegyang community here in Kathmandu took delivery of  85 bundles of jasta on behalf of their village. This is part of the 116 bundles CGLF promised to the village. The first installment of 31 bundles was delivered earlier this summer. To reach Sindhupalchok district, the home of Tarkegyang village, is way beyond  our current fuel reserves and to send jasta by WFP helicopter is cripplingly expensive.

So villagers will take the sheets back with them by truck when the road is cleared and petrol available.


Written by CGLF

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