The road to Rasuwa

Recently our team again went to Rasuwa to deliver help to another three villages in the district – we will be posting an update on that trip in the next few days.

Today we want to share with you a video of our previous trip to Rasuwa, to Tatopani and Nagthali villages earlier in July.  Ground team members Marcela and Mahendra share their impressions of the trip and you have the chance to see in more detail the beautiful (but cold) countryside.

Regular readers will remember how the truck was trapped in the mud of the new road in the heavy rains and the long hike up to Tatopani. Villagers, both men and women, had to carry the jasta on their backs, several sheets at a time weighing 30-40 kg.  You can see this in the end of the video.

!05_Lily gives first aidThe trip was marked by many challenges and a mutual exchange of medical help. Leo’s hand, cut by a tin sheet while unloading, was stitched up at the medical post of the hydro plant in Chilime. On the return from Tatopani it was our team member Lily  whose first aid helped a young local man who injured his leg carrying tin sheets up to his village.

Mutual aid on the ground was of course made possible only through the generosity and compassion of you, our donors. Our most grateful thanks to everyone who has helped CGLF help the villagers of Rasuwa make new homes.  

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