Those first precious moments; first aid saves lives

Immediate help saves lives! That was one of the messages we learnt the hard way during the earthquakes and their aftermath. Knowing what to do in an emergency benefits everyone – those who are injured or sick and those called upon to help, who can put their own fears aside in the moment of sharing.

mmexport1444386638481On Oct 4th, in Riwoche Monastery in Boudha, our dear friend and healthcare supporter Sapphire Gan gave a training on basic first aid. She was  ably assisted by Mahendra from central team who interpreted the teaching into Nepali.

The participants were 5 monks and 6 young people from the recent Youth Gathering.
“Everyone was very happy to learn these things – they then can help local people if something happens in the future. They can be active members of the community and help to save lives if no doctor is around” Sapphire told us.

The training lasted half a day.
Participants learned how to
clean and bandage wounds,
first aid for fractures and the
immediate reaction needed in case of emergency: assessing danger and moving casulties to a place of safety.

It is wonderful to feel I know what to do. It has given me lots of confidence. Before, we felt helpless, now we are truly able to help” said one happy student!

Thank you Sapphire, and all of you who have donated medical supplies – and bandages (!). It may make the difference between life and death one day.

Written by CGLF

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