Today’s Events Provide Evidence of Growing Desperation As Days Since the Quake Continue to Pass

3rd May, 2015


Anil Tamang from Ramichav receiving supplies

Early this morning, as soon as the office gate opened, victims began pouring in with various requests for aid from countless villages across Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, and Rasuwa disctricts. We have heard emotional testimonials from Jeevan Lama and Phurpa Yolmo in Thalo whose local monastery has collapsed along with every home in the village. Amongst many other visitors, we have also met with Anil Tamang from Ramichav and Ram Bisukarma from Dalit, both in Sindhupalchok, who came to us today to share their needs and devastating stories of total destruction in their villages and lack of any aid or supplies. The Tibetan Refugee Camp, one of our own neighbors here in Kathmandu, has also been given tents and tarps today after a few representatives came to the center yesterday with images and stories of dangerous living accommodations and the individuals staying there who had no other options for shelter. Then, towards the end of the afternoon, we were visited by two courageous individuals, Chris Limburg and Sara Bolasevich, who were also asking for aid in responding to shelter needs near the famous Langtang Valley and Tamang Heritage Treks. We were pleased to have the resources needed and able to send a total of 100 tarps to the area with the two volunteers. Throughout the day, CGLF was and still continues to do its best to send immediate response and to supply many of the resources need to aid in the rebuilding of numerous affected communities.

Families at the Tibetan refugee camp

Families at the Tibetan refugee camp

As the days since the earthquake continue to pass and still many hundreds of villages have not yet received aid, the organization is beginning to find that people are taking dangerous journeys down from the mountains to request aid. Several days ago, we were sending teams to scout out the areas and now it appears that situations are becoming so desperate that people are risking everything to come to us to ask for help. CGLF is grateful for the resources needed to respond to many of these requests and for the international support that is making this possible as donations continue to come in. Last night the entire team gathered at Boudhanath stupa for a candlelit ceremony to reflect on this generosity and to remind us of the work that still needs to be done.

Written by CGLF

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