Two hundred and one bags, one Saturday!

Temporary shelter in Salyantar village

Temporary shelter in Salyantar village


The list is a long one. Forty one families in Salyantar village living in temporary shelters. In Purkuti, twenty five families living in the old school and in a temporary tin shelter nearby.The shelters of sixteen families of the Pariyar community scatter the nearby hills.


!IMG_1365_Sanagaon village


In Itahiti, eighty seven families of the Nagarkoti community saw their houses collapse and are living under tin, just like thirty one Sunar-community families in Sanagaun.

Each and every single family has seen their livelihood collapse with their homes. Farmers have lost seed stock and tools, labourers have seen jobs vanish, blacksmith s have seen business disappear. Staying cheerful might seem hard under the circumstances – but the reception we received this weekend showed how even a little help goes a long way to lift spirits!

Itahiti villager enjoying biscuits!

Itahiti villager enjoying biscuits!

Student Ragani Sunar, from Sanagaun, was happy to help coordinate the distribution of supplies from Malaysia to villagers; each family received a bag with clothes (T-shirts, saris), biscuits and noodles. Everyone really appreciated the visit, the children happily opening  biscuits right away!

For Kaleb, CGLF volunteer from the USA, joining the expedition was his first field trip. “I was amazed how warm, kind and respectful local people were” he told us. “There were lots of smiles, it was very comfortable to be with people – I felt like I was also a part of the community. I was so happy to help out. It was nice to see the leaders who organized the distribution and prepared the lists of families were so involved, taking responsibility for their communities”.

After the village visits, the team went back to Vajra Varahi Healthcare headquarters in Chapagaon to share out 45 thin blankets for monks of Pal Do-Ngak Nyida Mindrol Norbuling monastery next door – and share well deserved tea (and more biscuits) with the young monks!

Thank you Malaysia!

Watch the distribution:


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