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Lana and the team during at the emergency office

Lana and the team during at the emergency office

Word of Chokgyur Lingpa Foundations’s (CGLF) relief work in Nepal has made international news. Lana O’Flaherty, a recent addition to the team of volunteers working for the Foundation in Kathmandu, has featured in The Sunday Times, a British newspaper with an international readership. Scooted off the front page only by Kate Middleton’s delivery of a baby girl last night, Lana’s efforts to help the CGLF team to administer aid in the remote mountain region of Yolmo, north of Kathmandu, will be read by people throughout Britain, across Europe, and all over the world.

Lana, a former air hostess with first-aid training, has barely had time to pause since the quake struck Kathmandu at 11.56am on April 25. Immediately following the initial shake, Lana performed a rescue operation, stabilizing a man whose shin bone had broken through the skin after he had been hit by falling debris near the Great Stupa of Boudhanath. “I stabilized him with a piece of wood from a broken prostration board and put him in a taxi to the hospital,” the 25 year old told friends when she returned to her home the first day. At the time Lana seemed totally unfazed by what she had seen and done. The strength of Lana’s character has allowed her to keep a cool head while administering help to dozens of injured in Melamchi, making life-or-death decisions as to who should be air-lifted out and who has to stay.

Despite lack of medicines and supplies, Lana and the CGLF team have tirelessly returned to the devastated region to help survivors, day after day. Their efforts there are saving lives in a situation that continues to be critical.

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