When a little goes a very long way – Tashi’s family

Most of the work we report on is of large scale efforts to help a whole village. But we should never forget that every village is made up of families and every family consists of individuals.
A fortnight ago, we donated a dozen sets of clothes and three sets of bedding (part of Malaysian cargo) to Tashi Lama and her family. Tashi has been the cook at Riwoche monastery for more than four years now. She has a family of five: she and her husband, their two children, and her younger sister. The rooms they rented in Tussal, ten minutes walk from the Boudhanath stupa, were damaged so badly in the earthquake that for two months they were unable to even go inside to retrieve their belongings. After the earthquake, they camped outside for two months under the make-shift shelters set up by Ka-nying Shedrub Ling. Now, thankfully they have found a room to rent for the next few months so at least have a simple home to keep them warm and dry throughout the monsoon season.

Written by CGLF

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